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A Basket By The Door - Sophie Hansen A Basket By The Door - Sophie Hansen A Basket By The Door - Sophie Hansen

A Basket By The Door - Sophie Hansen

A Basket By The Door - Sophie Hansen



Alyce says, “If you’re starting out designing your garden, or looking to do a mass overhaul, this is the book for you. From the ground up this book has it all covered - the whole time looking at the big picture, unlike other books which dive deep into the intricacies of each plant (those books are brilliant, but not exactly what you need when designing the whole thing at the start!). This book covers all the foundations including soil and watering systems, designing functional spaces in your garden for entertaining, relaxing and growing food, understanding trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials, annuals, water plants etc. My favourite part of the book is the plant chooser, where you can quickly see (with pictures!) the best plants for screening, winter interest, hardy perennials, plants for scent, ground covers in shade… it’s best when choosing what plant to plant where!”

Essential RHS guide covering every aspect of gardening, including growing ornamental and edible plants, pruning and propagation, and garden design.

Hardcover. Full colour. 448 pages.

A one-stop treasure trove from the RHS that covers every aspect of gardening, from planning and planting to growing and care.

Choose plants that will thrive in your space. Design a border for year-round colour. Grasp different pruning techniques. Discover how to protect your veg patch from pests. Make the best compost.

Delve into this concise, practical encyclopedia to find all the ideas and advice you need to create a spectacular, thriving garden.