Reiki Infused Intention Candles

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Are you ready to start attracting more abundance into your life?

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. The idea that we attract what we think about and focus on. But it goes deeper than that. We also attract what we feel, believe, and sense in our bodies.
This candle is infused with Reiki energy as well as crystals such as Clear Quartz and Orange Calcite which are known for their ability to help us connect with higher states of consciousness and bring in more positive vibrations from the Universe! It helps open up our hearts so that we can receive even more love, joy, money or whatever else you want to call in!
This candle will be a great companion for anyone who wants to create an abundant life full of love, joy & wealth!
Add to your cart now if you want some extra help bringing in all the good stuff into your life!


Choosing an Abundance Candle is your first step energetically to aligning with the energy of Abundance. 

Crystal in the Abundance Candle is Orange Calcite

Clear Quartz 


Relax and let go of your worries with this calming candle.

 This is a hand-poured, all-natural soy candle infused with crystals to promote balance and inner peace. It has been specifically designed to help you relax after a long day or during times when you feel stuck, lost, anxious or stressed out.

This candle is intended to instil you with an immense sense of peace, calm and bring serenity to your home.

Hand-poured with love and calming intentions, infused with soothing crystals and activated to promote balance and inner peace.


 Give yourself the gift of relaxation by lighting this candle in your home today!


Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura, and offers very strong transmutational energies.  Blue Calcite,  acts as a sponge and absorbs all energy coming to you. It filters out the negative vibrations and transmutes them back out into high positive energy.

Blue Calcite has many beneficial effects for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression. Blue Calcite's powerful blue rays soothe and relax nerves. Its calming effects on the mind allow the user to think about emotional situations with more of a level head. By doing this, Blue Calcite opens up a stronger communication channel between your thoughts and feelings, so this gorgeous stone combined with the intentional reiki energy will help to calm, centre and relax you. 


A smooth and elegant vanilla fragrance, slightly sweet with a twist of ozonic to balance it out

Top: Ocean Mist, Sea Salt, Orange Flower
Mid: White Orchid, Jasmine Petal, Dewy Greens
Dry: Vanilla Blossom, Ballerina Rose, Driftwood


The intention for the cleanse Reiki infused candles is to assist you with protection, clearing and balance. Simply by setting your own intention to clear your space, your aura or those with whom you live with fields. Helping you to have a more harmonious abundance of energies around you.

 This energetic vessel is charged with an intention for cleansing and purification. You can use this candle as often as needed in any room that needs an upliftment of energy or simply set it aside in the corner of any room where negative energy may be lingering. It will help keep things balanced and peaceful throughout the day! Use it anywhere from home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc…anywhere that could use some extra love! If there is someone who has been sick place this candle next to their bedside table so they can continue healing while resting peacefully at night time! The Crystals placed individually in this candle are chosen to amplify the intention and purifying power.


This candle was created as a gift to share with those to who you are truly grateful. What better way to share your gratitude than with a gratitude ritual Candle.

This Gratitude candle which is one of our rituals collection is to be lit each day and each day 3 things that you are grateful for are to be spoken out loud for the universe to hear. 

It is also a wonderful gift for yourself if you would like to start or extend, your gratitude practice. 

Gratitude has a way of shifting you to a higher frequency and you will attract much better things. 

Use your candle daily in ritual to tune into the energy of gratitude. 


 Are you feeling disconnected from your roots? 

We’ve all felt that way at some point. It can be hard to feel grounded and connected with nature when we live in a world of concrete, traffic jams, and deadlines. The Earth candle helps you reconnect with the energy of Gaia by grounding yourself into mother earths energies. 

You will be able to connect back to your roots and bring that energy home into your body so it can heal, balance, align and root down into those earth energies. Helping to restore the connection between you and mother earth!

The intention infused in the GROUND candle is to connect you to the root chakra and back to the elements of mother earth. Each time you light this candle it will help you connect with mother nature and anchoring yourself into the energy of Gaia. You can focus on healing, balancing, aligning and rooting down into those earth energies. 

Bringing that Earth energy back home to your body. Helping to align your energy from the feet up.. Helping you feel steady and secure... 


Are you ready to manifest your desires?

A Manifest candle is a powerful tool for setting intentions and taking action on them. It’s the perfect companion to any ritual or ceremony. I create each candle intuitively, by hand pouring it, cleansing it with reiki energy, and infusing it with intention. If you are ready to receive then this is the candle for you!

You deserve happiness in all areas of your life - from love and relationships to money and career success. With this one-of-a-kind candle, set an intention that will bring about positive change in your life so that you can enjoy what's coming next! This ritual has been used successfully by many people around the world who have experienced amazing results when they use this powerful tool as part of their daily rituals or ceremonies. Now it's time for YOU to experience how effective these candles are at bringing about positive changes in your life too! Order now while supplies last!

 Self Love:

There is something enchanting about this scented candle that seems to evoke loving energy around it. This soothing, calming scent can not only help you nurture and honour your body but also be a sacred space for healing. The feeling of self-love being emitted with each waft in the air translated into an area of solace that will keep you coming back for more. It's time to cherish yourself, love yourself and light up with joy from within with this beautiful Self Love Reiki Infused Intention Candle.

This candle is for you if you are seeking a deeper connection to your FEMININE SPIRIT FORCE.

If you are longing to embody a deep unconditional love, to call love in, in its purest form. Infused with Reiki Healing Energy, and crystals this is the perfect healing companion to use on your self-development journey. This Candle is a beautiful statement piece for your home or office space.


     I know that we can often feel that we do not have the strength to carry on, or that we simply don't have the ability to last the day.

     Sometimes when we are growing, changing evolving, and healing it can be hard work. It can be wearing on our emotions and even on us physically.
    Sometimes we need that little extra strength to make a change or decision. To cross that threshold of fear and take a leap into something new in order to grow as an individual.
    We all need this at some point in our lives but sometimes it is hard for us to find it within ourselves so I created these candles with Reiki energy infused crystals so you may draw upon their strength whenever you need them most!


    Are you ready to connect and awaken?

    The Transformation candle is a tool that can help you on your journey, it will tune you in and open up for expansion. It’s charged with Reiki energy and intention.

     You are about to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery, healing, growth, love & light. This powerful candle has been infused with the energies of reiki so that it may assist you in connecting more deeply with yourself as well as others around you. Allow this beautiful candle to guide your way through life's challenges and into the light at the end of each tunnel...the transformation awaits!
    The Transformation Candle is also great for those who are going through a tough time or facing big changes in their lives; such as moving home/country/job etc., divorce or separation from loved ones - use this candle when feeling lost or overwhelmed by change! Or if there is something specific that needs transforming within your life then ask for assistance from Spirit using this special candle!
    The Transformations Candle helps us all get back on track when we feel like we have lost our way…it assists us in finding clarity amidst chaos…and reminds us that everything happens for a reason (even if we don't always understand why!)


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