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Minhas Raizes Ceramic Copo Tumbler - Blue

Minhas Raizes Ceramic Copo Tumbler - Blue



Inspired by Christina’s Brazilian heritage, this carefully crafted collection is made up of tumblers, bowls, vases and vessels, their forms organic, curvilinear and sculptural. Each has been painted by hand in a rich colour palette atop a natural, cream-coloured clay base. The glazes that have been selected feature pink, deep sapphire blue and sienna brown, each shade a representation of the diverse colours you see when looking at the humming favelas of Brazil. And, perhaps unbeknownst to Christina when she began, her chosen colour palette echoes the artisanal, wood-fired pottery of Cunha, a remote Brazilian town nestled in the hills of Sao Pãulo Paraiba Valley.

The pieces in this collection exist like a little family. And it is this beautiful word, familia that guides Christina toward, and through, everything that she does. Her ceramic pieces will be added to Moss Livings' collection of slow, thoughtful and considered items that are also each infused with Christina’s inimitable sensibility and style. She hopes that you can feel the deep love that went into creating each of the pieces, because the story of herself, her family and her roots are literally kneaded into each one.