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Jericho Road

Posted by Sophie Bird on

Our latest collection is a story of great abandon. 
A story of a young woman's journey into finding herself, her past and her future. Of growing up in the country where the grass is dry, the Jericho Road, long, lonely, where every turn holds hearts full of memories. 
The tale of a journey with her heart in her hand, waiting to find its home, but realising it was in Jericho Road the whole time. In the blazing sun, sewn in the field, seeping in the banks of the creek and scattered in the dust beneath her feet. 
The feeling of loss and gain simultaneously, the journey of a young vagabond finding her own way home.
Jericho Road launches in store 30th July and online 4th August 10am.
Enjoy x
Daisy & Tess
Shanti Wade
Styling & Wardrobe:
Sophie Bird, Wrecked Vintage 

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