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Due to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 shipping delays are occurring.

International orders have been impacted from orders dated February until now as Australia was later to impacted by the virus, if your parcel was/is in transit to an affected area it may be in Quarantine. Please open an enquiry with AUSPost if your parcel is delayed more than 14 days.

Domestic orders are being impacted in a varying timeframe. I am finding no rhyme or reason to how delayed they are as some routes are the same as usual, and others are much much slower. I am finding that parcels going to WA, VIC, TAS and SA from Coffs Harbour are taking a longer amount of time, due to the length of distance along with the pressures of the postal system. 

Things you can do:

1. Always check your address is entered 100% correctly when placing an order to ensure it has a direct route to you

2. Track your parcel via the AusPost site

3. Enquire or contact AusPost once a good few days has passed since your due date. Delays can be up to 14 working days at the moment I am finding (this doesn't include public holidays like Easter long weekend, Anzac Day etc)

4. Be kind to your customer service agents via the business you are purchasing from and the AusPost team. Delays are out of our control and are to be expected during a pandemic.


Sending love, health and lightness xx