Outland Denim: Transforming Fashion with Purpose

In the vast world of fashion, where trends come and go as swiftly as the seasons change, a new wave is emerging—one that not only prioritizes style but also embraces sustainability and social responsibility. At the forefront of this movement stands Outland Denim, a brand that not only crafts high-quality denim but also transforms lives and communities through its ethical practices.

Amelia High Wide Leg Pant

Craftsmanship with a Purpose

Outland Denim was founded in 2011 by James Bartle with a clear vision: to create premium denim jeans while making a positive impact on the world. What sets Outland Denim apart is its commitment to every stage of the production process, from the sourcing of materials to the treatment of its workers.

Ethical Sourcing

At the heart of Outland Denim's ethos is the belief in fair and sustainable sourcing. The brand meticulously selects its materials, ensuring they meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. From organic cotton to eco-friendly dyes, every component is chosen with care to minimize environmental impact and support ethical practices.

Empowering Lives

One of the most remarkable aspects of Outland Denim's journey is its dedication to empowering vulnerable individuals through employment opportunities. The brand operates with a social mission to provide training and employment to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. By offering fair wages, safe working conditions, and ongoing support, Outland Denim not only provides its employees with a livelihood but also a sense of dignity and hope for the future.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency is key to building trust with consumers, and Outland Denim embraces this principle wholeheartedly. The brand takes pride in sharing the stories behind its products, from the artisans who craft them to the impact they create. By providing customers with insights into its supply chain and production processes, Outland Denim invites them to be part of a larger narrative of positive change.

Driving Change in the Fashion Industry

Outland Denim's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility serves as a beacon of inspiration in an industry often marred by exploitation and environmental harm. By demonstrating that fashion can be both stylish and ethical, the brand challenges the status quo and sets a new standard for responsible business practices.

Joining the Movement

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions, brands like Outland Denim offer a refreshing alternative—a way to look good while doing good. By supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility, individuals can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.

In a world where every choice we make has consequences, Outland Denim reminds us that fashion is not just about what we wear but also about the values we embody. Through its commitment to craftsmanship, empowerment, and accountability, Outland Denim is not just transforming denim; it's transforming lives and communities, one pair of jeans at a time.

March 11, 2024 — Sophie Bird
Cure Your Winter Skin in 4 Quick Steps!

Cure Your Winter Skin in 4 Quick Steps!

As the weather starts to turn colder, it's important to pay extra attention to your skin. The cold and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving it feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. But fear not, because there are plenty of ways to combat winter skin and keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

The most important thing you can do for your skin in the winter is to keep it moisturised. This means using a good quality moisturiser such as We Are Feel Good Kakadu Plum Body Milk regularly, and applying it generously. This lotion has super ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aussie Kakadu Plum to combat our crazy climate. 

  1. Don't forget the lips

Your lips can also suffer in the winter, so make sure to keep them moisturised and protected too. For a little pocket friend we recommend the Sensitive SPF 50 Lip Balm it's packed full of Cocoa Oil, Shea Butter and of course SPF 50, because even in the winter you don't want to burn your kissers! 

  1. Oil Yourself Up 

Don't be afraid to introduce a deeply nourishing Oil to your skin care line up. We suggest this wonder product AURIC Hydrating Face and Body Oil. It's a perfect entry level to use all over if you're just getting into oils, but if you're an old hand we jump for joy at the SAHARA Face Oil. This is an incredible little bottle of juicy goodness that transforms skin overnight!

  1. Take care of your skin from the inside out

Finally, don't forget that what you put into your body can also affect your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water!

So there you have it, some simple tips to combat winter skin and keep your skin looking and feeling its best


April 26, 2023 — Sophie Bird
Benefits of Sensory Play!

Benefits of Sensory Play!

Sensory play is a type of play that engages a child's senses, including touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound. It involves using different materials and textures to stimulate and develop a child's senses, and can take many forms, such as playing with sand, water, or playdough. Or, our Little Potion Co Kits!

So, why is sensory play so important for children?

Let's take a closer look at some of the key benefits:

Promotes cognitive development: Sensory play allows children to explore and experiment with different materials, textures, and shapes, which helps to develop their cognitive skills. It encourages them to problem-solve, think creatively, and make connections between different sensory experiences.

Enhances language skills: When children engage in sensory play, they are often encouraged to describe what they are feeling, seeing, and experiencing. This helps to develop their vocabulary and language skills, as they learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings.

Improves fine motor skills: Sensory play often involves manipulating small objects, which helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Activities such as squeezing, pinching, and moulding also help to strengthen the muscles in the hands and fingers, which can improve handwriting and other fine motor tasks.

Boosts social skills: Sensory play can be a great way for children to play together and develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and communicating with others. It encourages them to collaborate and work together, which can be particularly helpful for children who struggle with social interactions.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Sensory play can be a calming and relaxing activity for children, particularly those who may be feeling stressed or anxious. The tactile nature of sensory play can be soothing, and it provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for children to explore their emotions.

Overall, sensory play is a fun and engaging way for children to learn and develop important skills. It provides a unique and valuable learning experience that can have a positive impact on a child's cognitive, social, and emotional development.


Shop our large range of potion kits above to introduce some Sensory and Imaginative Play for your little ones!


April 19, 2023 — Sophie Bird
SPF sis, you gotta do it!

SPF sis, you gotta do it!

Hey there, sunshine! Are you ready to learn about the amazing benefits of wearing sunscreen? Buckle up, because I'm about to drop some knowledge that will keep you looking fly for years to come.

First and foremost, wearing sunscreen is a total power move. It protects your skin from the harmful UV radiation that can cause skin cancer, so you can strut your stuff with confidence knowing that you're taking care of your beautiful self.

But that's not all. Sunscreen also helps prevent premature ageing. That means fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. So, while your friends are trying every anti-aging cream under the sun (pun intended), you'll be looking fresh and youthful without breaking a sweat.

Speaking of sweat, you know what's a bit shit? Sunburn. It's painful, unsightly, and can increase your risk of skin cancer. But don't you worry - sunscreen has got you covered. By slathering on some SPF, you can reduce your risk of sunburn and keep your skin looking and feeling great.

But wait, there's more! Sun damage can cause uneven pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. Ain't nobody got time for that. By using sunscreen, you can prevent these issues and maintain a flawless, even skin tone. So go ahead, girl - rock that no-makeup look with pride!

Last but not least, sunscreen allows you too enjoy all the outdoor activities you love without worrying about the sun's harmful effects. Whether you're hiking, swimming, or playing sports, sunscreen has your back (and your front, and your arms, and your legs... you get the idea).

So there you have it, my sunny friend. Wearing sunscreen is a total no-brainer. It's easy, it's effective, and it's a total power move. So slather on some SPF and bask in the glow of your own fabulousness!


We recommend double dipping and getting not only a Body Sunscreen, but the Facial Sunscreen to avoid any break outs on that beautiful lil face of yours!

February 27, 2023 — Sophie Bird

LOVE DAY - celebrate it

Feb 14th, Love Day, Valentine, Galentines, whatever way you spin it. It's a day for LOVE!
We are going to give you an abundance of gift ideas should you feel like getting snazzy and surprising someone you love.
February 02, 2023 — Sophie Bird

January '23

Welcome to our new form of content - the good old fashion newsletter!
Focusing more on education around our beautiful products to help you decide what would be a good addition for you.
First up, what we all need more of, self care.
There is the physical benefits outlined above, nurturing yourself with only the highest quality ingredients, but it is so much more than that.
I am a mum of 2 young kids, we co-sleep, I eat their left over toast, never drink enough water and more often than not fall asleep with a half drank formula bottle dripping down my face and at least one little hand or head pinning me down.
Where do I do my skin care in there so I don't wind up looking like my fingertips after the last relaxing bath I took in 2011?
Usually... I don't. BUT on the nights I can swing out of the bed like a Ninja Warrior you better believe it's about more than de-pruning my face. I relish in the moments, my fingertips easing the tension out of my jaw, my hands drawing circles around my neck and chest with potions and lotions and tools. It's a ritual, it's a moment. I close my eyes, make sure I have everything lined up and slowly, gently, methodically take 10 minutes to slow down and invest inward.
I hope with these newsletters you can gain a better insight into the 'why' behind the products that land on our shelves, and that with this one, you carve out even a handful of 10 minutes a week to not only nurture your physical skin, but your beauty within.
If you are left with any extra questions, we are always happy to help. Reach out via hello@tallowandtide.com or via DM's on Instagram
January 03, 2023 — Sophie Bird
Why we don't do Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales...

Why we don't do Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales...

Hi beauties! 

It's been a hot while since I wrote anything, and I definitely need to do this more! So I thought i'd jump on and address a big ole question I keep getting asked. Frequently i'm asked when we are on sale next, are we doing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Mid Season, Flash Sale etc etc....

The answer is 95% of the time, we do not sale. We do a little End Of Financial Year Sale, so I don't have to count heaps of stock (lazy) and a Boxing Day Sale to clear any excess that is in the back room fresh for a new year. We may sale items here and there if they are the last one left, or if we have a big shipment coming... But it's always on our terms. 

There's a big arse sale coming up this week called BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY ~ it doesn't align with my business, and we do not participate. For so many reasons! But here's a few...

~ We are in store & online and BFCM is a CYBER sale. So it would have to transfer in to our store, and customers that bought something on Thursday then are upset because on Friday its 30% off. That's not fair.

~ We are limited edition, exclusive & ethical. Our designer items have been lovingly crafted to get here, they are usually one offs, minimal sizes, and can never be restocked. That's so bloody special! To support this trade we often don't make our full mark up in margins, if we did sales all the time it wouldn't allow us to keep supporting these change makers, we would be cheapening their brand, and taking away from what they do best, conscious fashion, all the while not making a single cent to keep our doors open every day to encourage ethical & sustainable shopping. I don't know about you (well I do, because you're here), but I would rather be open and educating than getting $15 off.

~ We reward our amazing VIPs, we have the most AMAZING regulars, I know their ups, downs and everything in between. Our online orders get a cheeky VIP code in their order when they spend over a certain amount, we want our customers to know we love them all year round for their commitment to consciousness. Rewarding these incredible people is a higher priority to me than a huge sale.

~ I genuinely just think it's a money grab. SO many businesses i've seen have stared their sale a week early, to get a jump on their competitors, to get a bigger slice of the pie. There's no rules, no holds barred, an all in brawl for the biggest sale return. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain! But at what cost? To put strain on their workers, the brands they stock, the factories they employ? To sell their items for cheap and move on to the next collection? How many thousands of parcels they can send? Phhheeewwwyyyy and right before peak time? Not for me. I don't blame them, it's dog eat dog in retail and it's damn competitive and hard. But it won't change unless something changes...

So we opt out. We encourage people to




We don't need a huge sale to rush people into rash decisions they will regret. We want you to love your purchase and cherish your purchase.

So from me to you on BFCM, we won't be with the masses on this one. We have a beautiful store of consciously curated goodies for you to enjoy all year round. Shop smart this sale season, buy what you love and wear it well!


Big love,


Sophie xx

November 26, 2019 — Sophie Bird
introducing... Tallow & Tide!

introducing... Tallow & Tide!

If you have come this far you are curious about the new name... Tallow & Tide! 

We have morphed, changed and grown since 2016 and in my heart of hearts, I think we have grown out of Wrecked Vintage. When I opened WV I was young, 22, unencumbered and reckless! WV reflected that wholeheartedly, it was edgy, feet first and unapologetic! I had every intention to work like a crazy woman to whip WV into a frenzy of fun, sustainable fashion. 

I soon fell pregnant unexpectedly and my life sharply changed. Tallow, my daughter, was born, after a very difficult pregnancy full of illness and Pre Natal Depression. After facing such a sharp lifestyle change my edges softened and I wanted to bring in the new aspects of my life and personality into my business, because let's be real, the two overlap! I wanted to bring a sense of slowness, calm and realness in. I brought my little girl to work with me, for a year and a half! And things changed bit by bit. Reflecting my new life! 

I also live with Severe Anxiety Disorder, I have had a long and intense journey working on, and learning to accept my mental health. There is so much I want to cover in this area moving forward. I share conversations weekly with women who are craving support, and a real voice for what they are feeling. I have a knack for bringing women in who need those hard chats, so I'm looking forward to bringing that out and sharing, so much sharing!

So here we are... The change has not come lightly. There is so much history, love and joy in the name Wrecked Vintage! But there is so much more to the store, and in our future plans, than just Vintage. While our long term customers will already know that, new and potential customers may not! I have a lot I want to share with this new journey and I had to find a name to fit. 

Tallow & Tide Eco Boutique.

We are a conscious store, everything we stock has been placed there with great intention. To have as little as impact on the environmental world as possible, while having a huge impact on your own world.

I have a passion for so many things... being present and living as consciously as possible, unique and personal fashion choices for people not wanting to stick to trends, and supporting women in becoming confident, happy and empowered. All of these things are wrapped up in the store, and are coming to the fore front in the next year or two. So what's behind the name?

Tallow is my daughters name. I find strength in motherhood, and supporting my daughter through her life, to find power in individuality is one of the most exciting and natural roles I've ever been in. 

Tallow is also a tree, Tallowood. Nature is getting further and further from our every day the more we glorify busy, I myself forget the power of our Mother Earth but acknowledge the importance of grounding myself through the earth. 

Tide, obviously, the ocean. We live in such an amazing part of the world where you look one way, and the vast ocean lays ahead of you, and you look the other and the trees climb the mountains. It's really something special. The ocean has always had a magical pull over me. It's sheer size puts things in perspective for me when I feel like my problems are taking over, and the coming and going of tides are a beautiful reminder that everything feeling, moment and situation will come and go. 

So... Tallow & Tide was born. A place where we come to find our most fulfilled and conscious life. It stretches beyond simple clothing and homewares. It's about making choices to enrich your life through style and lifestyle, while knowing that every purchase you make has been carefully chosen to contribute to our earth, our economy, small businesses, women in business and dreams across the nation.

Thank you for reading about our new journey, and I hope you're as excited as I am for what is in store. 

I truly appreciate every one of you, for the purchases, the messages, the likes and everything in between. It's a true dream to have this business and I hope you feel my passion and love for everything I do here!

Big love,

Sophie xo


April 28, 2019 — Sophie Bird
~ endless ~ Behind The Scenes

~ endless ~ Behind The Scenes

Come behind the scenes on our ~ endless ~ shoot. Enjoy the adventure and catch the vibe of our shoot! Which happened to be struck by a storm right at the end! See the final shot!
March 20, 2019 — Sophie Bird
Dazzling Denim

Dazzling Denim

Are you crafty? Have incredible patience? I don't, but fuck I wish I did. I would take up embroidering denim for a living. In a lul in my to do lists I find myself trawling Pinterest for images of embroidered denim.

There's something about it that sets my imagination free. Something romantic about the idea of sitting and stitching secrets into my jeans beneath the setting sun, Pimms in hand and Dolly Parton on the stereo. Maybe i'm going a bit far, but when I find pockets of time to find inspiration I am always led back to the endless stream of vintage inspired embroidery designs.

I compiled my favourites from todays quick trawl for you to enjoy.

S x

November 28, 2018 — Sophie Bird
Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Getting inspired....

Starting to sift through our favourite pinterest boards to get some inspiration for our heat of summer buying trip which is coming up oh so soon...

I can never seem to stray away from my forever favourite easy look of thrashed denim and beaten vintage tees....

While the girls flooding our feeds are tanned and crispy like a Croissant and thinner than the Coles sausages, I genuinely believe this look suits every one.

My denim gets a serious work out all year round, I love to size UP in my shorts for a relaxed look and a longer leg, then again, I know my staff love to size down for a high and tight look, it really can work for every body.

I think ill be searching high and low for some tees that are super worn in, a bit beaten up and some colours to inject some fun in to your summer looks!

Stay tuned...



Jericho Road

Jericho Road

Our latest collection is a story of great abandon. 
A story of a young woman's journey into finding herself, her past and her future. Of growing up in the country where the grass is dry, the Jericho Road, long, lonely, where every turn holds hearts full of memories. 
The tale of a journey with her heart in her hand, waiting to find its home, but realising it was in Jericho Road the whole time. In the blazing sun, sewn in the field, seeping in the banks of the creek and scattered in the dust beneath her feet. 
The feeling of loss and gain simultaneously, the journey of a young vagabond finding her own way home.
Jericho Road launches in store 30th July and online 4th August 10am.
Enjoy x
Daisy & Tess
Shanti Wade
Styling & Wardrobe:
Sophie Bird, Wrecked Vintage 
July 30, 2018 — Sophie Bird