Why we don't do Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales...

Why we don't do Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales...

Hi beauties! 

It's been a hot while since I wrote anything, and I definitely need to do this more! So I thought i'd jump on and address a big ole question I keep getting asked. Frequently i'm asked when we are on sale next, are we doing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Mid Season, Flash Sale etc etc....

The answer is 95% of the time, we do not sale. We do a little End Of Financial Year Sale, so I don't have to count heaps of stock (lazy) and a Boxing Day Sale to clear any excess that is in the back room fresh for a new year. We may sale items here and there if they are the last one left, or if we have a big shipment coming... But it's always on our terms. 

There's a big arse sale coming up this week called BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY ~ it doesn't align with my business, and we do not participate. For so many reasons! But here's a few...

~ We are in store & online and BFCM is a CYBER sale. So it would have to transfer in to our store, and customers that bought something on Thursday then are upset because on Friday its 30% off. That's not fair.

~ We are limited edition, exclusive & ethical. Our designer items have been lovingly crafted to get here, they are usually one offs, minimal sizes, and can never be restocked. That's so bloody special! To support this trade we often don't make our full mark up in margins, if we did sales all the time it wouldn't allow us to keep supporting these change makers, we would be cheapening their brand, and taking away from what they do best, conscious fashion, all the while not making a single cent to keep our doors open every day to encourage ethical & sustainable shopping. I don't know about you (well I do, because you're here), but I would rather be open and educating than getting $15 off.

~ We reward our amazing VIPs, we have the most AMAZING regulars, I know their ups, downs and everything in between. Our online orders get a cheeky VIP code in their order when they spend over a certain amount, we want our customers to know we love them all year round for their commitment to consciousness. Rewarding these incredible people is a higher priority to me than a huge sale.

~ I genuinely just think it's a money grab. SO many businesses i've seen have stared their sale a week early, to get a jump on their competitors, to get a bigger slice of the pie. There's no rules, no holds barred, an all in brawl for the biggest sale return. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain! But at what cost? To put strain on their workers, the brands they stock, the factories they employ? To sell their items for cheap and move on to the next collection? How many thousands of parcels they can send? Phhheeewwwyyyy and right before peak time? Not for me. I don't blame them, it's dog eat dog in retail and it's damn competitive and hard. But it won't change unless something changes...

So we opt out. We encourage people to




We don't need a huge sale to rush people into rash decisions they will regret. We want you to love your purchase and cherish your purchase.

So from me to you on BFCM, we won't be with the masses on this one. We have a beautiful store of consciously curated goodies for you to enjoy all year round. Shop smart this sale season, buy what you love and wear it well!


Big love,


Sophie xx

November 26, 2019 — Sophie Bird
introducing... Tallow & Tide!

introducing... Tallow & Tide!

If you have come this far you are curious about the new name... Tallow & Tide! 

We have morphed, changed and grown since 2016 and in my heart of hearts, I think we have grown out of Wrecked Vintage. When I opened WV I was young, 22, unencumbered and reckless! WV reflected that wholeheartedly, it was edgy, feet first and unapologetic! I had every intention to work like a crazy woman to whip WV into a frenzy of fun, sustainable fashion. 

I soon fell pregnant unexpectedly and my life sharply changed. Tallow, my daughter, was born, after a very difficult pregnancy full of illness and Pre Natal Depression. After facing such a sharp lifestyle change my edges softened and I wanted to bring in the new aspects of my life and personality into my business, because let's be real, the two overlap! I wanted to bring a sense of slowness, calm and realness in. I brought my little girl to work with me, for a year and a half! And things changed bit by bit. Reflecting my new life! 

I also live with Severe Anxiety Disorder, I have had a long and intense journey working on, and learning to accept my mental health. There is so much I want to cover in this area moving forward. I share conversations weekly with women who are craving support, and a real voice for what they are feeling. I have a knack for bringing women in who need those hard chats, so I'm looking forward to bringing that out and sharing, so much sharing!

So here we are... The change has not come lightly. There is so much history, love and joy in the name Wrecked Vintage! But there is so much more to the store, and in our future plans, than just Vintage. While our long term customers will already know that, new and potential customers may not! I have a lot I want to share with this new journey and I had to find a name to fit. 

Tallow & Tide Eco Boutique.

We are a conscious store, everything we stock has been placed there with great intention. To have as little as impact on the environmental world as possible, while having a huge impact on your own world.

I have a passion for so many things... being present and living as consciously as possible, unique and personal fashion choices for people not wanting to stick to trends, and supporting women in becoming confident, happy and empowered. All of these things are wrapped up in the store, and are coming to the fore front in the next year or two. So what's behind the name?

Tallow is my daughters name. I find strength in motherhood, and supporting my daughter through her life, to find power in individuality is one of the most exciting and natural roles I've ever been in. 

Tallow is also a tree, Tallowood. Nature is getting further and further from our every day the more we glorify busy, I myself forget the power of our Mother Earth but acknowledge the importance of grounding myself through the earth. 

Tide, obviously, the ocean. We live in such an amazing part of the world where you look one way, and the vast ocean lays ahead of you, and you look the other and the trees climb the mountains. It's really something special. The ocean has always had a magical pull over me. It's sheer size puts things in perspective for me when I feel like my problems are taking over, and the coming and going of tides are a beautiful reminder that everything feeling, moment and situation will come and go. 

So... Tallow & Tide was born. A place where we come to find our most fulfilled and conscious life. It stretches beyond simple clothing and homewares. It's about making choices to enrich your life through style and lifestyle, while knowing that every purchase you make has been carefully chosen to contribute to our earth, our economy, small businesses, women in business and dreams across the nation.

Thank you for reading about our new journey, and I hope you're as excited as I am for what is in store. 

I truly appreciate every one of you, for the purchases, the messages, the likes and everything in between. It's a true dream to have this business and I hope you feel my passion and love for everything I do here!

Big love,

Sophie xo


April 28, 2019 — Sophie Bird
~ endless ~ Behind The Scenes

~ endless ~ Behind The Scenes

Come behind the scenes on our ~ endless ~ shoot. Enjoy the adventure and catch the vibe of our shoot! Which happened to be struck by a storm right at the end! See the final shot!
March 20, 2019 — Sophie Bird
Dazzling Denim

Dazzling Denim

Are you crafty? Have incredible patience? I don't, but fuck I wish I did. I would take up embroidering denim for a living. In a lul in my to do lists I find myself trawling Pinterest for images of embroidered denim.

There's something about it that sets my imagination free. Something romantic about the idea of sitting and stitching secrets into my jeans beneath the setting sun, Pimms in hand and Dolly Parton on the stereo. Maybe i'm going a bit far, but when I find pockets of time to find inspiration I am always led back to the endless stream of vintage inspired embroidery designs.

I compiled my favourites from todays quick trawl for you to enjoy.

S x

November 28, 2018 — Sophie Bird
Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Getting inspired....

Starting to sift through our favourite pinterest boards to get some inspiration for our heat of summer buying trip which is coming up oh so soon...

I can never seem to stray away from my forever favourite easy look of thrashed denim and beaten vintage tees....

While the girls flooding our feeds are tanned and crispy like a Croissant and thinner than the Coles sausages, I genuinely believe this look suits every one.

My denim gets a serious work out all year round, I love to size UP in my shorts for a relaxed look and a longer leg, then again, I know my staff love to size down for a high and tight look, it really can work for every body.

I think ill be searching high and low for some tees that are super worn in, a bit beaten up and some colours to inject some fun in to your summer looks!

Stay tuned...



Jericho Road

Jericho Road

Our latest collection is a story of great abandon. 
A story of a young woman's journey into finding herself, her past and her future. Of growing up in the country where the grass is dry, the Jericho Road, long, lonely, where every turn holds hearts full of memories. 
The tale of a journey with her heart in her hand, waiting to find its home, but realising it was in Jericho Road the whole time. In the blazing sun, sewn in the field, seeping in the banks of the creek and scattered in the dust beneath her feet. 
The feeling of loss and gain simultaneously, the journey of a young vagabond finding her own way home.
Jericho Road launches in store 30th July and online 4th August 10am.
Enjoy x
Daisy & Tess
Shanti Wade
Styling & Wardrobe:
Sophie Bird, Wrecked Vintage 
July 30, 2018 — Sophie Bird


I gathered 5 people who had the most amazing, individual styles I knew and got them to pic 5 outfits in the store and show me how they would wear them. 

Meet Milly, 25, Barista & Artist, fiercely proud Mum to Spike the Pug.

How does she describe her style?

Bi sexual, asian skater boy. 








June 08, 2018 — Sophie Bird


I gathered 5 people who had the most amazing, individual styles I knew and got them to pic 5 outfits in the store and show me how they would wear them. 

Meet Iz, 32, leopard print lover, AIME Mentor, professional adventurer and incredible feminist.

How does she describe her style?

A mix of Carmen Miranda, Desert Diva & Pimp Chic.





June 08, 2018 — Sophie Bird


March 18, 2018 — Sophie Bird


Our mood board, inspirations, loves and lusts for our new space...

New store opening 13th of April 5pm x


March 16, 2018 — Sophie Bird
Shop Your Shape!

Shop Your Shape!

So often I get told that people can't wear vintage because it is tiny, made for size 8's & they haven't found anything in a 'real' size. I always say 'let me help you!' But their mind is made up... Well, challenge accepted! I know every shape can shop in my store, all you need is a little inspiration and confidence. I've put together a few of my friends favourite looks (shit it was hard to choose cause honestly, there's SO much).

I am a size 10 Top, size 12 Bottom and 170cm tall, a mum of a 9 month old, lover of sleep ins and breakfasts out. I own WRECKED and wear our clothes daily! 

Come with me, bring an open mind & remember my mantra 'there's are no rules in fashion!'

 Look 1: Jeans & Tee


Probably the closest thing to a uniform you'll see me in these days... I'm a long Denim lover in all it's glorious forms, and these 501's are the tits. They pull me in, hug my butt and have that relaxed leg I love to flatter my thighs. They come in well under $100 at $82.50, are available in a range of colours and sizes. I paired them with my favourite Harley Tee and our Chocolate velvet mid coat ($65) to up the anti. I am wearing the 32inch waist.

Look 2: The Denim Skirt

This is your ultimate wardrobe staple... Flattering, versatile and under $100! Yes please! I wear mine so often, i've taken 2 more to get me through the weeks. In this photo I am wearing a 12, I also have an 11 and a 14, to suit what look i'm going for. My best fitting is the 12, it has moulded and given juuuust enough to give me a little extra length. This skirt is so damn wearable i've styled it a few different ways to give you an idea.

Skirt $90 Available in sizes 6-16
Body Suit $45 size 12

Be a little.. Daring!


This plunging neckline is softened by the long sleeve and denim.
Body Suit $45 size 12

Ever afraid that statement pieces will make you look bigger? Don't be silly you beautiful creature.

Fluffy Knit $25
Shirt $30 

Borrow from the Boys!

Don't be afraid of the drape, it's feminine & soft with a bit of edge coming from the fun prints. I'm always pretty casual in my style but if you err on the side of polished, add your favourite pants and heels and boo yah!

Tie it up to show off the waist.

Shirt $30

Shirt $30

Add some Layers! 

I love playing with lengths when styling my customers in store. Adding this cool flowing kimono instantly makes legs look longer. This look would be amazing with a red silk shirt too!

Kimono $60
Harley Tee $54.95

Shorts without the cheek!

Shorts a bit daunting? I get it, I literally only wear one pair, and it's these. Because I can't deal with my arse being on show I love that our Levi's shorts have a little extra length to them. Again, a super versatile piece i'm sure you could all see sliding in to your summer wardrobe, but here's a couple ideas for you.


The silk shirt here deserves a mention on its own. 100% Silk, in all colours of the rainbow, long sleeve & short sleeve... I wear mine with my denim, my skirts, open over dresses... For $30 they make their money back in a week!

Silks $30 variety of sizes & colours

Boho babes pair all your favourite floaty tops with these cut offs for that dreamy relaxed vibe! I love the embroidery on this one.

Shirt $45 Size 12-14 (I am a 10 on top, it fits fine, would fit a 12 & 14 comfortably)
Shorts $59 Available sizes 6-14


This style dress is super flattering, fun and has pockets! Woo!
Perfect with a little white tee underneath, a silk tied over the top if your arms aren't your jam or just as it is! (Seriously those silks are just.so.good)

Dress $60 size 12

Go for waist details. This cute little number has ties at each side so you can cinch in where it counts! I think a woman's waist is the sexiest part on her body. If I was to buy this bad boy i'd chop a hands length off the bottom to show some more leg, but it's a perfect length if you like your knees covered.

Dress $65 Size 14 (I'm a 10-12 and fits comfortably, but have seen it fit great on a 14)

Got a funny little summer dress you don't know what to do with? Here you go. This bad boy is SO light and airy, it almost came home with me. I love tucking dresses into my knickers for some volume, but this number with a great belt is also a really flattering, feminine look. Add a denim jacket to edge it up or some sandals to girl it up.

Dress M/L $35
Jacket XL $100

Don't shy away from prints! Just find the best cut for your body and rock it sister. This dress is hot! I love the waist panel which is really flattering, the gold buttons are a nice touch and I unbuttoned a few to show a lil leg.

Dress $49 I'd say this is best fit on a 10 or small busted 12, the waist and skirt would be fine on a 12, across the back is slightly smaller.

Don't be afraid of the crop tops!

Did I just commit a cardinal sin? Cream jeans and Crop tops?! I know SO many girls who sit above a 10 that would NEVER think to pop this outfit on. Keep the jeans high and the top sitting over the waist band and you're home safe babe. 

Vintage Lee Jeans 14 $82.50 (i'm a 12 on the bottom but get away with these running a little big, just nice and comfy!)
Pink Embroidered Crop 10 $40

All these items are available either online, in store or if you DM our instagram @wreckedvintage. If you mention that you read down to this point & want to shop from any of the blog looks, you will get 10% off your purchase!

x x Sophie


August 07, 2017 — Sophie Bird
Holly & Naomi

Holly & Naomi

Photo and Babe Credits : Holly Birkett (@hollybirkett) and Naomi Murnae (@fairies._)

June 15, 2016 — Sophie Bird