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First up, what we all need more of, self care.
There is the physical benefits outlined above, nurturing yourself with only the highest quality ingredients, but it is so much more than that.
I am a mum of 2 young kids, we co-sleep, I eat their left over toast, never drink enough water and more often than not fall asleep with a half drank formula bottle dripping down my face and at least one little hand or head pinning me down.
Where do I do my skin care in there so I don't wind up looking like my fingertips after the last relaxing bath I took in 2011?
Usually... I don't. BUT on the nights I can swing out of the bed like a Ninja Warrior you better believe it's about more than de-pruning my face. I relish in the moments, my fingertips easing the tension out of my jaw, my hands drawing circles around my neck and chest with potions and lotions and tools. It's a ritual, it's a moment. I close my eyes, make sure I have everything lined up and slowly, gently, methodically take 10 minutes to slow down and invest inward.
I hope with these newsletters you can gain a better insight into the 'why' behind the products that land on our shelves, and that with this one, you carve out even a handful of 10 minutes a week to not only nurture your physical skin, but your beauty within.
If you are left with any extra questions, we are always happy to help. Reach out via hello@tallowandtide.com or via DM's on Instagram
January 03, 2023 — Sophie Bird

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