Hi beauties! 

It's been a hot while since I wrote anything, and I definitely need to do this more! So I thought i'd jump on and address a big ole question I keep getting asked. Frequently i'm asked when we are on sale next, are we doing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, Mid Season, Flash Sale etc etc....

The answer is 95% of the time, we do not sale. We do a little End Of Financial Year Sale, so I don't have to count heaps of stock (lazy) and a Boxing Day Sale to clear any excess that is in the back room fresh for a new year. We may sale items here and there if they are the last one left, or if we have a big shipment coming... But it's always on our terms. 

There's a big arse sale coming up this week called BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY ~ it doesn't align with my business, and we do not participate. For so many reasons! But here's a few...

~ We are in store & online and BFCM is a CYBER sale. So it would have to transfer in to our store, and customers that bought something on Thursday then are upset because on Friday its 30% off. That's not fair.

~ We are limited edition, exclusive & ethical. Our designer items have been lovingly crafted to get here, they are usually one offs, minimal sizes, and can never be restocked. That's so bloody special! To support this trade we often don't make our full mark up in margins, if we did sales all the time it wouldn't allow us to keep supporting these change makers, we would be cheapening their brand, and taking away from what they do best, conscious fashion, all the while not making a single cent to keep our doors open every day to encourage ethical & sustainable shopping. I don't know about you (well I do, because you're here), but I would rather be open and educating than getting $15 off.

~ We reward our amazing VIPs, we have the most AMAZING regulars, I know their ups, downs and everything in between. Our online orders get a cheeky VIP code in their order when they spend over a certain amount, we want our customers to know we love them all year round for their commitment to consciousness. Rewarding these incredible people is a higher priority to me than a huge sale.

~ I genuinely just think it's a money grab. SO many businesses i've seen have stared their sale a week early, to get a jump on their competitors, to get a bigger slice of the pie. There's no rules, no holds barred, an all in brawl for the biggest sale return. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain! But at what cost? To put strain on their workers, the brands they stock, the factories they employ? To sell their items for cheap and move on to the next collection? How many thousands of parcels they can send? Phhheeewwwyyyy and right before peak time? Not for me. I don't blame them, it's dog eat dog in retail and it's damn competitive and hard. But it won't change unless something changes...

So we opt out. We encourage people to




We don't need a huge sale to rush people into rash decisions they will regret. We want you to love your purchase and cherish your purchase.

So from me to you on BFCM, we won't be with the masses on this one. We have a beautiful store of consciously curated goodies for you to enjoy all year round. Shop smart this sale season, buy what you love and wear it well!


Big love,


Sophie xx

November 26, 2019 — Sophie Bird


Amy said:

Bravo!! Well said Sophie, how much crap do people need to own just because they got it heavily discounted at a Black Friday Sale!! As usual it’s Australia trying so very hard to be America and the big city stores trying to squeeze every last cent from their customers.
Another reason bricks and mortar small businesses will someday be a thing of the past.
Lovin’ your work Sophie!!

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