~ endless ~

We barely escaped the rain, and the locals shooting on a moody Sunday afternoon... The clouds were grumbling big time over head and the local farmer came to herd us off within seconds! But that pretty much sums up a shoot in the direction of Sophie... Disorganised (no I didn't check the weather or ask for permission!). I think that encapsulates the way I design, the way I live and the way I thrive. Under spontaneous decisions and making any element work. I like to surround myself with like minded people, or at least people who jump on for the ride. I love how the shoot was captured by Gigi, who had met mere days earlier! Barefoot, through the muddy tracks and surrounded by nature. This collection was inspired by the freedom of our natural land. I hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes of our upcoming collection ~ endless ~


BTS Shot by: Georgia Pettit // @gigi.interior Model: Daisy Fitzgerald // @daisysomala Styled: Sophie Bird // @wreckedvintage

March 20, 2019 — Sophie Bird

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